"I Can Promise You Superb Health, Ironclad
Immunity and Boundless Energy in 2010...

...If You Can Dedicate Just 20 Minutes a Day to
Taking Action You'll Love!"

Shrouded in secrecy and coded language for centuries, the ancient Taoist methods you're about to learn have allowed people to reliably reach their 100th birthdays in great health... for at least the last 3000 years!

Decades of research and literally centuries of "clinical" proof have gone into what you're about to learn...

From: Dr. Symeon Rodger

Press "Play" & turn up your speakers for a personal message from Dr. Symeon Rodger:

Dear Friend,

If you've got to find a way to improve your health this year...

If you've got a particular health challenge you absolutely must overcome...

If you're sick of tired of the same old pharmaceutical treadmill of drugs and side effects that don't lead to healing...

If you're worried about some symptoms you've recently noticed...

If your energy isn't what it used to be and you just wish you had a whole lot more...

If your stress and anxiety give you ulcers, digestive problems, palpitations, headaches, tension in the neck and shoulders, tightness in the chest or any one of a dozen other symptoms...

If your immune system isn't fighting off the colds and flues anymore and / or has turned against you to produce autoimmune disorders...

If you don't have the mental clarity or powers of recall you once did...

Then this might be the most important message you've ever read...

There Was Some Dispute About the Old Man's Age - Although the Records Clearly Indicated He Had Lived 256 Years in Superb Health, Some Sceptics Suggested His Real Age Was Only 156

In China back in the early 1900s, there was a general named Yang Shen, by all accounts a good and benevolent man (as warlords go), who was passionately studying the Taoist sciences of health and longevity.Well, Heaven sure must have smiled upon Yang Shen, because in 1927 he met a man named Li Ching-Yun. Now Li Ching-Yun was no ordinary man. Aside from being a Taoist master and an herbalist, he was also a very old man... In fact, according to the official records of the Chinese imperial government, he had been born in 1678!!

How would they know? Well, we do know that the imperial authorities had sent a congratulatory message to Li Ching-Yun on his 150th, 200th and 250th birthdays.

So even if the authorities were off in their calculations by 50 years or even a full century, Li Ching-Yun was one of the oldest men in recorded history. Now our modern medical establishment may consider this a complete hoax, but that doesn't explain the wealth of documented evidence attesting to Li's incredible age.

Although incredibly old, Master Li was still incredibly spry. It's said that most people had a hard time keeping up with him when he walked through the hills and valleys collecting herbs. And at the apparent age of 249, he gave a series of eight 3-hour lectures at a Chinese university. Even the New York Times ran a story on him!

By the way, the old man was no monk. He'd been married fourteen times, but outlived all his wives. They say that at the time of his death he had nearly 200 descendants spanning over 10 generations.

Master Li apparently died of "natural causes" (finally!) at the official age of 256! - but not before he taught his new friend, Yang Shen, his secrets of health and longevity. And despite living in chronically polluted Taipei after the Communist victory, General Yang Shen was still able to enjoy mountain climbing on his 98th birthday.

Can you imagine the health, the energy, the vitality that Li Ching-Yun enjoyed?

Can you imagine the health, the energy, the vitality that Li Ching-Yun enjoyed?
Would you too like to be able to be able to play with your great grand kids and enjoy a 10 mile walk on your 100th birthday? This isn't as far fetched as you may think, even in our polluted environment.

You see, the deepest secret of Master Li's health method, the real key to the whole foundation of Taoist health sciences, is nothing new. And it's not ingesting rare herbs that only grow in Tibet or eating nothing but bean curd or avoiding sexual relations.

It's a simple method widely known throughout the Orient, and in many traditional cultures, in fact, but a method widely misunderstood even in the Orient.

What I'm about to show you is, to my knowledge, the only coherent explanation of this method in the English speaking world.

"Modern Science Catches Up to Ancient Knowledge.
Latest Studies Implicate Stress as Principle Underlying Cause of Most
Disease and Predict Energy Medicine is Way of the Future"

Are these "studies" from an alternative health magazine or some New Age guru? Nope...Recent medical studies at Harvard and Stanford have concluded that stress is responsible for an astonishing 80-95% of all illness. If you suffer from severe stress or anxiety, you may have noticed that you can feel the tension in a particular area of your body, like your head, neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen or back.

But did you also know that wrong beliefs, negative mental images and the hidden stress that they produce can even become lodged in your body's cellular memory?

That's what this research has concluded. Even an innocent suggestion to a young child could become the basis of serious health problems later in life. I should know - I was just such a child! But more on that below.

Even more astonishing is their discovery that even people who don't feel stressed out can have a dangerously high level of stress. Now that's downright disconcerting!

Don't Think You Suffer From Stress? Think Again, Because Your Body Thinks Otherwise!

What does all this mean? Simply this: stress disrupts your body's delicate energy matrix, leaving it wide open to malfunctions and pathogens of all kinds.

However, "stress" here does not mean just psychological discomfort of the kind you might feel with an impending deadline at work or having to take the kids to soccer after a hard day.

"Stress" also includes things you hardly suspect:

  • Poor diet that acidifies your bodily tissues
  • Insufficient water intake
  • Chemicals and preservatives in the food chain
  • Artificial fields of electro-magnetic radiation
  • Misuse of your thoughts and emotions
  • Insufficient absorption of natural forces, such as sunlight and others

You see, at its deepest level, your body-mind organism is NOT a "sack of meat" or even a bunch of chemical processes. It's an energy matrix of stunning beauty and precision.

And yes, it's great to do whatever you can to avoid the stresses listed above... however...

What if you could access with your energy matrix directly? Because controlling your energy matrix is a vastly more powerful health strategy than just eating organic or drinking more water.

Want proof? Consider the following - the Taoist longevity masters (who considered it nearly disgraceful not to get to their 100th birthdays in great health) didn't get their remarkable results from a special diet, or from secret herbal concoctions or any of that. In the civil tumults of ancient China, they couldn't always control what was available to eat.

And they didn't have to. Once they learned to control their energy matrix - which they called "mastering the firing process" - they knew they had found the key.

How I Discovered This Secret

I was a wreck - my cellular memory really kicked in about age 13 and I ended up with chronic stress and anxiety. Since no one back then seemed to think the mind could affect your health (!), I had no idea what was happening to me. My whole metabolism seemed to be in permanent overdrive, and I felt wound up like a top. That much physical tension is very uncomfortable. I was in nearly constant agony for years.

Only later did I realize that all this stress was based on subtle attitudes transmitted to me by my family, friends and teachers, attitudes that my wonderful subconscious had taken to their logical conclusion! This was a recipe for chronic stress of the worst kind.

I was desperate for a cure but kept hitting a wall - I kept trying to think and reason my way out of this trap. But the more I thought, the worse it got.

I didn't know then what I know now - there is a way out, but it's not through the rational mind because the rational mind is the problem.

And all this time I was watching my overall health get pretty precarious... I felt like an airplane that's out of fuel - there was only one way to go and that was down.

I worked with all kinds of therapeutic methods for years. I tried Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi. This made me feel better while I was actually practicing, but the effects wore off pretty quickly.

I was a martial arts geek, but that didn't seem to help much. I learned nutrition and adopted a superb diet - that didn't help. I was into prayer and meditation too, because I was an expert on ancient spiritual systems worldwide. But, like Tai Chi, this only gave me momentary relief.

Nothing I did came anywhere close to eliminating the chronic stress and the health symptoms it produced. I was getting frustrated and close to the end of my rope.

Then the Penny Dropped...

One day about 15 years ago, I just happened to be rereading some ancient Oriental literature for the umpteenth time when something caused me to read a particular passage in a different way. The loud click in my mind was probably audible for a 3 block radius!

At that moment I knew instinctively what I was doing wrong and what I had to change. You see, I'd been puzzled for sometime about why Westerners have a really hard time making progress in any of the spiritual, health or martial arts disciplines of the ancient traditions. I knew we didn't know how to train ourselves properly. But now I had the final piece of the puzzle.

I changed my training program that very day.

By making a series of simple adjustments I found so much immediate relief that it astounded me - I felt better than I had in nearly twenty years.

I now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had finally found the key
to eliminating the number one health threat of our times - chronic stress.

Without my years of practice in Oriental spiritual, health and martial systems I never would have figured out what to do. I'm sure that without these decades of study and experience, I never would have seen my mistake and been able to fix it.Not that I was the first to discover this. After cross checking sources from such far flung places as Buddhist Tibet, Taoist China and Orthodox Christian Byzantium, I realized where I had gone wrong before and the awesome implications of these traditions for modern people.

I realized that I'd finally grasped an ancient method which was a single coherent system. Its elements were spread throughout all the best ancient traditions, including the original version of Christianity (in the Orthodox East). However, it was, strangely enough, in China and Japan that I found the most usable stress-killing material for myself and for today's world.

The Chinese had no particular name for this method.
The Japanese called it "Haragei" - the "Belly Art".

I simply call it HARA. Hara is the Japanese word for "belly" or for the body's main energy storage area in the lower abdomen - what Chinese medicine calls the "dantien," "elixir field" or "ocean of energy". HARA also makes a nice acronym - Harmonious And Regenerative Action - a perfect description of how the system works.

I was still puzzled about why it was so effective, especially since none of the elements of the system were new to me. Then I realized - a precise balance coupled with a very specific method of training was necessary for you to reach "critical mass" or "escape velocity". Without that, you could work lots for little gain.

If Your Lifestyle Conflicts With the Way Your Organism Functions,
You're in for One Hell of a Miserable Life...

Based on the discoveries of several ancient traditions, I came gradually to see that HARA is a shortcut to the way the human organism is meant to function.

But here in the Western World we're taught to cultivate exactly the opposite approach, and with deadly consequences. After many years of counselling other people I realized slowly that we are all mind-body dualists.

We've Been Taught to Create Illness in Our Lives Since Childhood,
but in a Way No One Seems to be Aware of...

All of us who have grown up in the West or under Western cultural influence use our mental and physical powers in a very unique way - the wrong way. But because this is what we're taught from the day we're born, and because everyone we know does it, we can't even imagine there's a better way.

Did you know that ancient traditions, including the original Christian spiritual tradition, insist that if you misdirect your mental and physical powers, you'll create neurosis and eventually physical illness?

In other words, HARA works not because it's some weird, esoteric or magical method, but simply because it causes your organism to function properly - the way it was meant to. And anything else that works will only work because it incorporates some elements identical to those of the HARA system. Think about it - health is about your mind-body organism functioning properly. Anything that improves its functioning will give you health; anything that compromises its functioning will give you illness. It's as simple as that!

If You Want to Beat Poor Health and the Hidden Stresses Behind it,
You Must Change What You DO From Moment to Moment...

You may have noticed that ideology doesn't actually transform your life. You can become a convinced Marxist, a Neo-Conservative, a part-time Tree Worshipper, an Evangelical Christian or whatever you want, but that decision in itself won't make you happier or healthier. Your health and happiness will be determined solely by what you think and do, how you move and how you use your mental attention. Every ancient tradition says this. Do these things right and you'll be happier and healthier than you can imagine. Do them wrong - the way our culture has taught you - and you'll just have endless health challenges before long, until your system finally breaks down...

The Miraculous Method that's All Around Us But Nowhere Available!

The art of HARA is all around us - as you'll see below, its constituent parts are not unknown or hard to find. But NOWHERE is there a coherent explanation and demonstration of exactly HOW to put them together and make them work! It's as if there were a civilization that had all the parts to assemble an automobile, but didn't even know what an automobile should look like.

The Rock Solid Tranquility Course is the only course on the amazing art of HARA that exists in the English language, so far as I know. There are a few writings about it, but most of them are purely theoretical and don't tell give you any of the "how-to".

That's why I feel utterly compelled to share this treasure with the world.

Light on HARA:

"When this energy resides in the body, spirit is calm and energy is like an ocean. With the ocaean of energy full to overflowing, the mind is calm and the spirit stable. When this stability is not scattered, body and mind are gathered in tranquility. Tranquility then attains to concentration, and the body continues to exist for years eternal.

"Refine your physical form to pure energy, so that it may radiate throughout the body. ...Your sparkling clarity radiates of itself, night and day in equal brightness.

"People nowadays study the Tao less and less. ...As the four seasons move along in their course, their bodies and appearances continue to decay until they collapse and return to nothing. To call this ‘realizing the Tao' – what hypocrisy!"

~ Sun Simiao (c. 581-682: one of China's greatest physicians)1

So What Will HARA Do For You?

The transformative effects of HARA on your life and health are mind-boggling. But here are the main changes you can expect to see, as long as you put in the limited time and effort to learn and practice the system:

  1. HARA will eliminate psychological anxiety and stress, together with their physical symptoms so thoroughly that you won't even remember what it felt like to be anxious or stressed out
  2. HARA will enable you to enter a new (to you) anxiety-free level of consciousness on demand, and stay there as long as you wish
  3. HARA will lead you to an incredible state of total tranquility and then shows you how to maintain it all day long, no matter what's going on around you
  4. HARA will give you vast amounts of mental and physical energy by showing you how to stop spending energy throughout the day and to start accumulating it instead - you become an energy accumulation machine
  5. HARA will open your body's energy channels (the 12 acupuncture meridians and the 8 extraordinary vessels), supercharging your immune system
  6. HARA will strengthen your body's protective energy barrier ("wei qi" in Chinese medicine), making you a really hard target for colds, flues and other nasty viral / bacterial illnesses
  7. HARA will help to detoxify your inner organs, your blood and all your cells all day long, turning your whole metabolism into a finely tuned instrument
  8. HARA will slow down the aging process and leave you looking and feeling far younger than your chronological age
  9. Toss the Viagra! HARA will not only boost your sexual energy, it will even give you far more control over your sex drive
  10. When you're in a state of HARA (and you'll learn to love staying there all the time!), you cannot experience fear, anxiety, panic or any other negative emotional state.

As if that weren't enough, HARA will also:

  • Eliminate or prevent many types of neck and back pain by radically improving your posture - and better posture is not what you've been taught to think it is. It consists in some minute but simple adjustments unknown in Western culture.
  • Vastly improve or maintain your cardio-vascular health by teaching you the natural form of human breathing our society has "educated" you out of. This natural breathing takes the burden off the heart and increases blood circulation
  • Boost your concentration and memory - you'll actually be able to rely on your brain again!
  • Transform your life into a single, solid whole. You'll not only have a solid foundation for any authentic form of spiritual life, you'll enter a whole new world of possibilities as your mind and body reintegrate for the first time since you were a toddler. As long as you're still a "mind-body dualist" like everyone around you, your life cannot be anything but miserable.
  • Wash away all your fears, worries and anxieties easily, without even trying to get rid of them (a good thing, since all your efforts to do this over the years on your own haven't worked too well, have they?)
  • Give you a superior intuition about other people - their emotional and physical state - and a whole new way of perceiving reality around you
  • Give you "a mighty presence". Have you ever met anyone who had so much "presence" that a crowded room would fall silent when he or she walked in? Someone whose every word commands respect and attention? HARA can give you this kind of invisible strength, without you trying to "manufacture" it.


What Colleagues and Clients Have to Say About Dr. Symeon Rodger

"Dr. Symeon Rodger is one of the finest, most respected speakers and trainers I know"

Dr. Symeon Rodger is one of the finest, most respected speakers and trainers I know. He is brilliant and yet very genuine. He comes from the heart and when that is combined with his knowledge he is able to bless the lives of everyone who hears him which explains why he has such a large, extremely dedicated following. He is a delight to work with and I'm very pleased to have him as one of my strategic partners.

Jack M. Zufelt - "mentor to Millions"
Author of the #1 best selling book,
The DNA of Success

"Symeon was amazing"

Dr. Symeon Rodger was a wonderful surprise as a speaker. We felt compelled to have him on our Quantum Clearing series, but we really didn't know why. It was just a feeling. We'd never heard him speak before.

Only 30 showed up for the show, but Symeon was amazing. He was lots of fun and brought a brand-new take on healing. I still use the breathing exercise he taught us to help keep me in an Alpha state.

Others apparently liked him too - he sold 75 books to those 30 people!

Tom Pauley
CEO of Rich Dreams Inc.
Author of I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams and Quantum Marketing

"Symeon was able to shine a light of profound wisdom"

I truly enjoy listening to Dr. Symeon Rodger. Many of you may know him from an interview that Mark Joyner did with Symeon in December 2006. Mark is not an easy interviewer and he takes his guests to task if they are not real masters of their discipline. It was on that teleseminar that Symeon was able to shine a light of profound wisdom from his decades of learning and mastering martial arts skills and, far more important, his complete understanding of how to teach a complex subject (HARA) in a very simple and straightforward manner. He teaches a system that is complete, authentic, proven, and reliable; all in a step by step method that is certain to work for anyone that chooses a path of higher consciousness. Listen, learn and take action, now!

Irwin Glenn
Business Strategist
New York

"You have changed my life..."

Like I have acknowledged before, Dr. Rodger, you have changed my life.

Your style is inimitable and like no other brand of corporate training in the world. I have been receiving your materials for over a year now and they have turned me into a calm, confident and yet a resilient warrior. My friends, relatives and colleagues keep complimenting me on the way I appear to be calm, powerful and they keep telling me about a contented glow on my face. This, Dr. Rodger, is due to your patient, continued tutelage.

I would like to repeat my compliment to you that you are doing a simply marvelous job. May God and the powers of the universe reward you in abundance for the philanthropic work that you are doing!

Portho Choudhury
The Philippines

"So Just What is This Mysterious HARA Method?"

In a nutshell, this ancient and nameless Taoist art really amounts to this:

  • HARA is built on the most ancient, safest and fruitful Taoist meditation system
  • It was taken to Japan where it had a huge effect on Japanese culture, even though few Japanese could explain it to you, and very few could tell you how to accomplish it. It's so much a part of the cultural landscape that no one knows how to explain it...
  • The name HARA is from the Japanese word for "belly", and in Japan this rarely taught method is called "Haragei" - the "belly art"
  • Simply put, it is a way of integrating your physical and psychic functions, your "energy and spirit" in Taoist terms, so that you become imperturbably calm on demand, with robust health and tremendous inner power.
  • The system contains what looks like a simple form of meditation - simple but profound beyond imagination - methods for adjusting posture, and methods for harmonizing mind and body while you move.
  • It's the most amazing "moving meditation" system you'll ever experience.
  • Its genius is that it uses your everyday activities to retrain you. It doesn't require long hours of grueling exercises. You don't have to spend a special half hour a day practicing the incredibly intricate moves of a Tai Chi form. You just do what you usually do... but oh so differently! And the casual observer could hardly tell the difference, once you're good at it...
  • HARA is addictive simply because practicing it is so wonderfully pleasant.

"Sounds Like Tai Chi. Been There, Done That. It Didn't Help Much"

That's funny - the same thing happened to me...I've spent over thirty-five years in Asian martial arts, and at least the last fifteen years diligently practicing Tai Chi (a widely known Chinese boxing system, used in the West mainly for its health benefits) and Qi Gong (Chinese energy arts). And for several years before that, I practiced the complex postures of Indian Hatha Yoga.

I love these arts and highly recommend them. BUT... and there's a big "but" coming...

If you're seriously interested in improving your health, and if you're concerned about eliminating subtle causes of disease from your life forever, then the average Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga class probably won't help you much.

I can't tell you how many people I've met over the years who claimed to "know Tai Chi" or practice Qi Gong, but had NO IDEA AT ALL of how these systems really work. Sure, they knew the movements, they could wave their arms, but they didn't know anything about how to access their energy matrix through these arts. Without knowing that, you might as well go jogging!

You see, although the HARA method is implicit in all these arts, as in the martial arts too, it's not understood by the vast majority (99.9%) of instructors. There's almost no one out there who knows the difference between effective and ineffective training of the mind-body organism.

Regarding Tai Chi, you need to know this: it's composed of a long series of intricate postures strung together to make a choreographed "form". The intricate postures come from the combat applications. But to get the health benefits, you don't need to know this stuff!

The health benefits come from the art's internal content, and the HARA system is simply a much more efficient and complete way of mastering this content and radically improving your health.

If some of HARA looks like Tai Chi, that's because the principles of HARA are much older, and Tai Chi is built on them. Tai Chi as we know it is only about three and a half centuries old, while HARA goes back for millennia.

Your Chances of Learning HARA in a Martial Arts Class are About Equal to Your Chances of Learning it in a Dream from the Buddha Himself...

The Martial Arts in North America have been largely stripped of their spiritual component, which is linked to their internal, energetic and health-giving secrets. That's why most martial arts schools in America only turn out technicians who know a little about beating an opponent, but certainly nothing about the health giving secrets of "reversing fire and water", "filling the ocean of energy" and "refining the Three Treasures".

For example, I once trained with Aikido people for several years. And the martial art of Aikido depends totally and explicitly on HARA for its effectiveness. But the Aikido people I trained with here, after years of study and practice, still had absolutely no idea what HARA is...

Tai Chi, Qi Gong, several Asian martial systems, and even Indian Hatha Yoga to some extent are all sitting on the treasure of HARA but they've forgotten how to access it. All the components are there.

But unless they're properly taught, unless you train them in the right balance, and unless you know a small number of key principles, you'll never get into that treasure house.

Your practice will never achieve the critical mass, the escape velocity, to hurtle you forward into the land of mind bendingly incredible results...

I Would Dare to Predict that the Art of HARA Will Be On Every School Curriculum Across the Land in Just 50 Years

Yes, it's that astounding in its simplicity and its results. My bet is that its effectiveness will be seen as so compelling and such an antidote to our toxic way of life, that our culture won't be able to ignore it. Here are just some of the things you'll learn in the Rock Solid Tranquility course on HARA...

  • The single most important thing you must do to permanently remove stress from your life.
  • How to avoid the number one cause of acute psychological stress. Once you know this one key (that your doctor, psychologist and clergy have not the slightest idea about, by the way) you'll possess the power to change your condition.
  • Why certain environmental forces are actually causing stress in your life. And how to eliminate them permanently.
  • How to overcome the subtle social conditioning accidentally bestowed on you that keeps you in a state of anxiety and stress. Only after you "know" how it's been placed on you will you ever be able to master the condition.
  • Why the myth that "all you need to do is just practice Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, Yoga or meditation" is the biggest lie out there. The problem is that tens of thousands of people who practice these systems regularly are still walking around after months or even years of practice!
  • The 6 reasons why traditional "stress management" systems are a complete waste of time and money.
  • How to finally beat a disastrous mental plague introduced into Western civilization 15 centuries ago, a plague that has condemned you to live a life FULL of continuous health challenges...and the worst part is...hardly anybody even knows about it.
  • A simple 9 step method for mastering true breathing. Sounds simple but you'd be surprised how many people actually don't know how to breathe properly. But when you do - the sense of ease and relaxation will dominate your very being.
  • Every movement you need to know in order to permanently abolish anxiety and stress from your life illustrated with beautiful step-by-step color photos
  • The most manageable times to integrate the practice of this system for optimal results.
  • The 12 step path to developing the riches within your inner being. After you gain access to these steps... your life will never be the same.

Light on HARA:

"People did not know before that there was a method of developing intelligence, physical health, and morality all at the same time. Therefore they laughed at my teaching.

"Kurosegawa [a sumo wrestler] fell ill though it was part of his profession always to be in training. For a long time he found no cure. After sitting [practicing one element of Hara] for two weeks, he was healed. Good eating and sport by themselves are useless.

"The foundation of all education is love. This love is not the one whose opposite is hate, but the love that is like sunshine. Practice seiza [Hara sitting practice] and you will experience it."

~ Master Okada Torajiro2

As Part of My Ongoing Commitment to You Personally...

Please understand that I consider it an honor and a privilege to help you master these incredible ancient secrets to health and longevity. I'll do everything in my power to help you to break free. Believe me, it can be done and it's easier than you think, once you know how. When you order the full HARA system package, you'll also receive the following for free:

SPECIAL GIFT # 1: The Health Mastery Series (regularly $97)

Internationally acclaimed health coach Michael Morningstar and personal resilience guru Dr. Symeon Rodger reveal the "5 Pillars of Health" in this 2 part audio presentation (almost 3 hours of downloadable audio for you) accompanied by over 20 pages of their personal notes. If you act on even a fraction of this information, you can't possibly fail to improve your health.

SPECIAL GIFT # 2: The Keys to Nutrition and Detox (a $47 value)

Michael's back! And this time he shares his number one passion with you in even more detail – how to build a delicious diet of living foods that will totally energize your body, regulate your blood sugar and detoxify your system of all the crap our polluted environment and food chain have dumped into you.

This material is what enabled Michael himself to go from chronic ill health and constant medication to superb health, zero medication and running several marathons!

SPECIAL GIFT # 3: Your 3 Step Secret to Perfect Health: Inside the Taoist Longevity Miracle (a $30 value)

Your copy of the webinar that brought you here! Dr. Symeon Rodger unveils the secrets of the Taoist health and longevity tradition, including the mysterious "firing process" and how to build vital essence, refine your vital essence into energy, and refine your energy into spirit in order to produce robust health, ironclad immunity and put you on the path to a very long and very healthy life.

Let's take a quick review of the HARA system. Remember what you're getting:

You'll receive:

  1. The 84 page full-color Rock Solid Tranquility Manual ($57 value)
    Packed with color photos showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

  2. The Rock Solid Tranquility DVD ($57 value)
    Dr. Symeon Rodger and his assistant demonstrate every movement live

  3. The 2 Rock Solid Tranquility CDs ($27 value)
    Dr. Symeon Rodger provides insights into how to practice, the keys to success and mistakes you can easily avoid

  4. Special Bonus #1: The Health Mastery Series ($97 value)

  5. Special Bonus #2: The Keys to Nutrition and Detox ($47 value)

  6. Special Bonus #3: Your 3 Step Secret to Perfect Health: Inside the Taoist Longevity Miracle ($30 value)

Total Value: $315.00

Yours Today for Only:
$197.00 (save $118.00!)

Here's what other Health Coaches have to say about Rock Solid Tranquility:

"Great Course Symeon!"

Your Rock Solid Tranquility course provides simple and effective ideas for naturally de-stressing both the body and mind.Your unique combination of common sense and deep insight, obviously gained from decades of applied discipline and research in ancient Eastern wisdom really helped me gain several immediate and practical applications. Anyone who applies these principles for several weeks will definitely see benefits...I know I have.I believe your course will offer my clients the multitude of mind, body and spirit benefits that Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong offer, which you so wisely sum up as "posture, breathing and movement".Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Michael Morningstar
Transformation Life Coach /
Great NEWS Coach (Nutrition - Energy - Wellness - Success)

"Dr. Symeon Rodger's course is a life-changing experience!"

He's a talented author and a first-rate trainer, and I'm convinced that his work will make a huge difference to people struggling with chronic stress.

Michael Hughes - the Networking Guru

"Stressed? Searching for tranquility?"

This book is a superb "how-to" manual developed from years of research. Dr. Rodger's diverse and vast expertise has allowed him to put together an amazing program to bring tranquility to your life today. You will not find this important information anywhere else!

Paul Frazer,
Success Strategist, Professional Speaker and author of
"Stop, Drop & Re-Balance: A Self Renewal Manual".

"What a wonderful combination of spiritual common sense and practical application"

There are many roads for us to find peace within ourselves, and this book provides an excellent roadmap. I found pearls of wisdom that made a difference for me; pearls which I cannot wait to pass along to those who are ready to hear them. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Symeon. Great work."

Jennifer Hough
Author, Lifestyle Coach and Speaker
Founder of "Get Out of Your Own Way" courses in Transformation

"I love it!"

If beating stress is a priority- then this course is a must read. Dr. Symeon Rodger has done a really superb job on it, and it will certainly lead you into an entirely new experience of what it means to be human. This course is truly one of a kind and I love it!

Melissa Scott
Life Coach, Speaker and Trainer

Here's an outline of the Rock Solid Tranquility Course on how to toss out stress, harmonize your body's energy pathways and build a powerful immune system...

Lesson 1

  • The Meaning of HARA™
  • Chronic Stress is 100% Fatal: Either You Kill It or It Kills You

Lesson 2

  • Your Stress-Killing Alternatives: What Works and What Doesn't
  • The Fallacy of Modern Stress Management
  • What Modern Psychology and Religion Don't Know about the Real Cause of Stress -The Occidental Difference: How Our Culture Has Taught You Stress and Ill Health
  • How Rock Solid Tranquility's HARA™ Method Works

Lesson 3

  • The Foolproof Method to Rock Solid Tranquility
  • The Miracle of True Breathing
  • The 9-Step Method for Mastering True Breathing

Lesson 4

  • Sitting Still Doing Nothing: The Key to the Riches of Life,
  • Meditation Methods on the Market
  • The Safest, Most Reliable and Most Powerful Method
  • Panoply of Possible Postures

Lesson 5

  • Where to Do Your Practice
  • What to Wear
  • How Long to Practice
  • The 12-Step Path to the Riches Within
  • Draining away Your Stored Physical Tensions:
  • The 9-Step Body Scan
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Problems

Lesson 6

  • Turning Your Body into a Powerful Anti-Stress Weapon
  • The Physical Imperative in Beating Stress and Becoming Real
  • The 5 Step Method to Perfect Postural Alignment
  • The Infallible Guide to Postural Alignment

Lesson 7

Moving from the Dantien, Part I

Lesson 8

Moving from the Dantien, Part II

Lesson 9

  • Moving from the Spine
  • Rooting: Cultivating Physical and Emotional Stability

Lesson 10

  • The Miracle of HARA™ - Harmonious And Regenerative Action
  • Transforming the Daily Grind into HARA™
  • Other Ancient Secrets for Turning the Daily Grind into a Tranquil Paradise
  • The Winning Strategy: Combining Energy and Spirit
  • Auxiliary Method 1: Segmenting
  • Auxiliary Method 2: "Life is but a shadow and a dream"
  • A Personal Journey to Haragei

Appendix: Your Suggested SSDN Training Schedule The course is beautifully illustrated with full color photos showing you everything you need to know and every move you need to make.

"This HARA Stuff Must be Complicated and Hard to Learn"

Actually, the Best Part About the HARA Method is that it's nearly FOOLPROOF!! That's right...all you have to do is put the system into practice. It doesn't take mind-bending concentration, intricate visualization or any special talent or skill. You just do it!

If you work the system, the system will work for you.

You don't need to be to be a marathon runner, a tri-athlete, have a body like Charles Atlas or be as flexible as a rubber band. Every technique in the HARA system is equally accessible to just about everyone.

But Before You Order, Make Sure You Clearly Understand What This Course is NOT

** This is not some esoteric practice that will take you years to master...and leave you in frustration because you don't have 5 hours a day to practice**

** This is not some hypnotic audio recording of my voice or serene sounds of streams running over rocks or waves crashing. Soothing audio is pleasant but never solves the problem. This is the real thing...and it has over a thousand years of proof behind it.

And because I'm so sure this system will help you...and knowing you'll get so much out of it to permanently take the burden off your shoulders, and restore your health, I'm including a....

100% Money Back One Full Year Guarantee

You can take 52 long weeks to decide for yourself if you want to use this system to build superb health, ironclad immunity and boundless energy. If you decide it's not for you - for any reason at all - every last dime you spend here today will be refunded to you with no questions asked. It's just that simple. You invest in your health and stress removal. If it doesn't work for you - or for any reason at all, just request a full refund at any time.

Just remember what HARA will do for you...

  • You'll be totally free of psychological stress and its physical symptoms in just 60 days or less (depending on your practice, of course).
  • You'll experience unshakable calm and complete freedom from fear, anxiety and other negative emotions.
  • You'll discover a whole new level of consciousness that is vastly more pleasant than "living in your head", as you do now.
  • You'll become much more effective at work, school, home and play.
  • You'll have abundant energy, as you learn to store energy all day long rather than spend it.
  • You'll experience increased immunity and robust health.
  • You'll have a feeling of finally taking back control of your life.
  • You'll have increased concentration and better memory.
  • You'll develop a more accurate intuition about people and events.
  • You'll have improved relationships with your lover, family, kids, boss, colleagues and perhaps your enemies too.

What Price Tag Can You Put on This Knowledge?

  • Most health conscious people spend this much or more per month on nutritional supplements, and often their bodies don't even absorb these very well!
  • This is a one time expense that provides vastly greater benefits than any supplement
  • It will also allow you to absorb supplements more effectively
  • It will totally destroy psychological stress and its physical symptoms - one of the main contributing causes to most of our civilization-specific diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.
  • It will supercharge your immune system
  • It will improve your posture and eliminate certain types of back pain
  • It will improve your sleep cycle and leave you more rested
  • It will give you boundless energy
  • It will clear your mind, improve your memory, your concentration and your ability to get things done

Is there any other method that will do all this for so little?

If someone said to you that for the price of about 2 cups of coffee per week, you could put yourself on the road to superior health, immunity and longevity, as well as becoming blissfully happy, would you say that's a bad deal? It would be easy to produce this as a really fancy course and charge several hundred dollars for it. But I believe that it's vital that the price be as affordable as possible since a very high percentage of our population considers itself to be suffering from chronic anxiety and stress.

Now let me explain why this course
may not be for you...

The Rock Solid Tranquility HARA course is not for you if:

  • You're not willing to practice consistently
  • You're not willing to change your lifestyle
  • You're not willing to persevere and practice even when you "don't feel like it"

And please understand this: human health is complex and there are actually several ways you can sabotage yourself.

There is no single method so powerful that it can compensate for a poor diet, substance abuse, lack of exercise or a persistently negative mental attitude. That's the truth. There is no supplement, no mantra, no miraculous technique and no saint with prayers powerful enough to compensate for your unwillingness to stop hurting yourself and start helping yourself.

Also, a Special Warning to Women...If you're pregnant or think you might be, now is not the time to learn this system, unless you have the permission of your physician and of a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Uh, Oh! You may be thinking this is going to be some weird New Age mind
game or that you'll have to master some difficult, esoteric method...
Nothing could be further from the truth!

The HARA system is very simple and largely physical. It's so simple that it's foolproof. If it weren't foolproof, if it demanded years of meditating in a mountain cave or brain-numbing visualization, there's no way that thriving cultures could have been built on it. And they were! It's just that to cultures like China and Japan, this isn't a "system" or "method" so much as a way of life that they think is kind of obvious. That's part of the reason why Asian arts in the West are almost useless at passing this on. How would I know?

Well, after 41 years of Asian martial arts here in North America, I can honestly tell you I never met a single instructor who both knew this stuff and could communicate it. Almost none knew it and none could teach it.

Wishing you a healthy and stress-free life, Dr. Symeon Rodger

Dr. Symeon Rodger
The Resilience Master

Dr. Symeon Rodger

P.S. The Ancient HARA system has over a thousand years of clinical proof behind it. Whole cultures have been built on it - this is not somebody's New Age fantasy and you're not "beta-testing" some untried system. After spending over thirty years living and test-driving ancient spiritual, health and martial traditions from all over the world, I can honestly tell you, this is the real thing.

P.P.S. Don't wait. I would urge you not to delay simply because you can't put out a forest fire too soon! Stress is ravaging your health in ways you don't yet see. For the sake of your loved ones and those who depend on you, don't delay! Take the action today that will virtually assure you of continued good health for years to come.

1. Sun Simiao, "Visualization of Spirit and Refinement of Energy," quoted from The Taoist Experience, ed. Livia Kohn. Albany, NY: State University of New York, 1993, pp. 320-324.
2. Durckheim, Karlfried. Hara: The Vital Center of Man. Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions, 2004, pp. 163-173.